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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yet another blog...

Ever since I started working on my first internship I've been meaning to create a blog. It is one of the things that I had to do besides opening a SO account now that I am making the transition from a college student to the working world.

I am so proud of you, honey.
I'm so proud of my baby!

I was kind of reluctant to start since I don't have the knowledge nor the experience that most programmers with blogs have, but I said what the hell. I am writing this blog for selfish reasons, because I want to track down my thoughts, ideas, goals and mistakes just like Jeff started. I've been following his blog for a few weeks now and it has been my source of inspiration for writing and programming. Following his advice, I will make a promise to myself to write at least once a week. As for now, I am writing this on a text file. Even when I got into this career because of web programming, I have yet to decide where to host my blog and whether I will create the interface.
No wait, I just decided. It will be Blogger or something like that. In fact, I will make my first entry on why I chose Blogger when I could buy a domain name, host it somewhere for free and use LAMP. I could add some ajax and jquery to make it beautiful. It would do whatever I wanted it to do since I am so haxz0rz.

I pwn n00bz lol!

Or would it? I started to write html when I was 10 years old. Impressive? Only for the people who don't know what html is (like my mom). What I could do was making a font bold or italic. I could add links and images to my geoshities page. I even had a guestbook and I had no idea how it worked. Since then I have had around 15 different websites, each one better than the last one (or so I thought). When I was 14 I convinced my mom to buy me a domain name and a hosting plan for a year. The other kids were so jealous!

OMG it supports php and perl?

Not really. I never told anyone or they would have beaten the shit out of me. And I wasted my mom's money since I never finished my website. I bought 5GB space, 50GB bandwidth, and support for multiple languages for an unfinished webpage with a cute drop-down menu. I never used the php. I did not have a database. It was a $100 plan that hosted 5 static pages. But now I know how to code. It would be different now, wouldn't it? I don't think so. Damn, I thought I could code when I was 10! I thought html was 2 steps below building a computer! And now I know that I know nothing about web programming. The people at Blogger know more about this.

But I could still try right? Sure I could, and I will. But I don't want to make the same mistake I made when I was 14. The other reason why my site failed is that it had no content. I was so excited about design that I never thought my website needed some kind of content. I don't want to make design my priority anymore. After all, content is king and I should know that by now.

So what is the plan? Start at Blogger with a template theme. Then I will design my own Blogger layout. Then, on the long term I will see how this blog evolves and then maybe I will try something different. Designing any theme for my blog now would be only procrastinating. I cannot tell you the amount of time I have spent choosing a color scheme or a nice way to position text. And as much as I love design I will let it develop with time and focus on writing. The design will come slowly and will never end. I will constantly improve the website so that I can savor one of the things I like the most about building a website: designing.

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  1. Let me be the first one to post a comment one your blog. I am also like you trying to set up a blog but procrastinating and procrastinating. I will visit your blog very often to draw the inspiration.